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10 Reasons Facebook Advertising Works

Just face it: you, your spouse, your kids, and even your mother is using it. It’s a major media property at this point for most people with internet access in North America and much of the rest of the world now. Facebook is to social media what NBC once was to television, back when people still said “television”. This micro-post will drop the top 10 tasty reasons on what makes Facebook work and why your B2C biz with personality should be on it.

Why Facebook Ad Campaigns Work

  1. Friends share posts on a page they liked through a FB campaign like.
  2. Onlookers are stalking you, clicking what you click, liking what you like.
  3. Ad relevance based on text, tagging and categories.
  4. Demographic targeting.
  5. Retargeting-like stickiness.
  6. Your friends & fam don’t hate ads, they hate DUMB, CHEESY ads!
  7. Facebook ties in well with Twitter, Google search & Google+.
  8. In the next 5 years, most people will access ads via mobile devices.
  9. FB analytics work. They scary work.
  10. FB ads continue to be cheap when using impressions mode.


  • robert

    Could you elaborate more on the topic please?

  • lillian

    Isn’t pay to click one of them too?

    Great post.

  • gregory

    I think you can pay facebook to show more people (from your contacts, not sure) to see what you post, click and like. Is that true?

    Great article!

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  • Alberto Medrano

    I myself, only registered on Facebook 1 year ago.
    But still, they’re good points.

  • Diane Bourque

    Very much indeed! Everyone has facebook now. Even my boss. He’s in the 60’s!

  • Many thanks for your info about Facebook, it’s exactly what I was looking for.