SEO Case Studies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Case Studies

Search Engine Optimization Case Studies

Financial Industry

Client: (now Performed: Search Engine Optimization

SEO Case Study (Ranking Report)

Sample TOP10 Results: Industry: Financial – Loan Officer Training 3-Mo. Campaign National Results Within just a few months, visibility was enhanced dramatically for this consultant site in a top competitive mortgage broker category from total obscurity to top 5, top 10, and top 20 positions for top-level competitive industry terms on Google, with even more dramatic gains made via yahoo and msn (now Bing).


National Press Release SEO

We Beat the White House !

Industry: Press Release Optimization

Unique Challenge: Beat the White House press team on Google News for their own press event!

Our release showed for the most obvious search terms at position #1 across Google and Yahoo News engines in 2009 for marketing partner, Heller Networks, in promoting National Recovery Day.


Special SEO Project

Industry: Energy

Unique Challenge: We helped bring a Fortune 5 corporation into the 21st Century of organic search. How? Our Founder took Chevron Corporation into real-world SEO by adapting real-world internet SEO to their massive corporate intranet of operating companies, setting the standard for some time to come. Unlinke some companies, innovation is simply what we do.They now have the capability to sell SEO services as part of their web design and communication functions to their operating companies sharing the same intranet.


Event Ticketing Vendor

Industry: Ticketing

Unique Challenge: Bring startup ticketing website, MyTicketIn .com, into neck and neck competition with the biggest companies in the game… without even a level playing field.

SEO Case Study (Rankings Report)

See figure above: From zero competitive terms ranked to over 1700 competitive terms ranked for one of the most competitive B2C industries online. Figure below: 64 Top 10 positions were achieved by the end of a 1-yr contract, with 38 of those stablelizing within the Top 5, and 13 competitive medium-length, specific local events and several general, top-competive concert terms ranking at position #1.

SEO Case Study (Rankings Reports)

Their SEO Cinderella Story The client began this journey with a site that was limited from the outset by technical factors like an unoptimized dynamic page generation system. The platform disallowed many of the basic requirements for proper optimization, such as freedom to create content properly named.How can such a limited platform attempt to break into the open Top10 with the heaveyweights? By comitting to a Platinum level campaign, using our White Hat methods, the client enabled his site to be brought up from the several hundreds results below the surface up into the Top 10 and Top 5 results on the most competitive local/national terms they targeted, with 13 competitive keywords at position #1.


“I already have a site at #1 in my industry. Can you get me multiple positions using another site or profile on the same Top10 Results page?”

Often times, yes, there are numerous white hat SEO opportunities to promote a brand, and even the same domain, all on the first page results. It’s a competitive arena open to whomever has the most winning white-hat strategies at their command.

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Obviously, no one can control search engines, but we consistently improve search visibility. How? We carefully measure the competition for the keywords we want for our clients, we scrutinize the competitor tactics within your industry, determine their shortcomings, and then we adjust our strategy to highlight your strengths where competitors fall short. We start with “more than enough” in terms of focus, and then we tailor our approach to fit the actual need, eliminating excess overhead for our customers. Our approach is elastic, not exaggerated, and conforms to the situation via effective, White Hat best practices.