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Founder & Director of Interactive Marketing For over 20 years now, Mark has been racking up online and offline marketing and publicity industry experience and kudos, as a web branding and marketing expert, star copywriter, search engine marketing guru, eventually building one of the best marketing and creative boutique agencies under the rubrick of Interface Communications Group, a company he formed from his own consulting career and wide-reaching experience in copywriting, web dev, graphic design and eventually digital marketing. Mark not only understands digital strategy and tactics from the ground up, but understands what’s required to properly train a marketing team for success. And unlike many agencies founded on capital and driven by outside expertise, our company is founded on internet marketing in-house expertise of our founder. With AdWords and Bing search & display advertising certifications of his own, our clients can rest assured that veteran, experienced, certified expertise is at the helm of each and every online marketing campaign. Mark has personally consulted Fortune 5/500/5000 companies like Chevron, Questia, and GeoStock, as well as a great number of SMBs and start-ups. Has has authored numerous books on web marketing: AdWords 101, AdWords 201, AdWords 301 (Collectively released later as AdWords University), and The SEO Instinct.

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“A lot of agencies don’t think it matters to give the very best possible expertise, because they don’t have such expertise. I feel that every client deserves expertise, experience, and straight talk. We give every client measurable results that prove ROI via analytics for whatever we do. Our technical and management teams are more stable and technically qualified than most agencies’ full-time employees, because we don’t hire newbies off the street and train them according to best practices blogs. It might surprise most prospective clients to learn that MOST agencies do.” “We have deep, native expertise and a deep committment to quality control. Our clients get the very best of cutting edge interactive marketing available, every time, and without all the pointless overhead costs they would normally pay for. I’ve consulted a large percentage of the local agencies in the Houston, as well as New York and California and Shanghai, and many top national agencies. Some good, some not so good. I can tell you that what we offer are the most competent and strategically viable digital marketing services currently available anywhere, ensured with my own hard eye and supervision at some level. I work to make sure every client is getting the best value for their money spent.”