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Google Products Search Marketing is search marketing (or advertising) for the products that you sell. It makes use of Google’s first page results and has the added benefit of appearing within organic results, as well as in the right-hand column where ads traditionally have appeared. The end result is a powerful, visual cue to prospects that your product is here, now, for sale, and includes whatever benefits and features that you choose to include.

The benefit of having a skilled and experienced search marketing expert handle your Google Products search marketing is easy to see, but let’s review the reasons:

  1. Less trial and error
  2. Less waste (time and money)
  3. Focused keyword research
  4. Tie in with Google Analytics
  5. Insight into how Google Products can best be coordinated with Google’s other tools
  6. Higher ROI

Our managers are AdWords certified search marketing experts, which means you get more insight and expertise than you would otherwise get on your Google Products campaign.

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