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The Local SEO Dilemma

Local SEO is no better understood than national SEO by most SEO newbies. So, the question remains. Is Houston, TX search engine optimization any different than for San Francisco, CA?

No…and yes. Here’s why:

Say you own a Houston business website and it’s brand new. The same ramp-up period may apply in terms of SEO sandbox theories, but in reality the process is very much the same. Only the keywords and topics are customized, as well as the linking strategies employed. If it is an Ecommerce SEO campaign, you may be opting out of local focus.

How Local Focus Can Help

If your business and customers are truly local to you: smaller competition. Well, that was simple, now wasn’t it?

How Local SEO Can Hurt

If you’re an Ecommerce website, optimizing your website content for local will quickly become an ongoing and impossible task. Sooner or later you will need to relinquish some of your local strategy, giving way more and more to a¬†national core and long-tail keyword representation, and eventually, to excellent, newsworthy/share-worthy content that may have roots in local but extend outward to the world at large.

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