Blog post ghostwriting services

Blog Post Ghostwriting

This blog post ghostwriting service is a great way to get quality, fully-researched, well-written blog posts created for your blog, brand, product, service or organization. Each 400-600 word post includes:

  1. careful, creative topic brainstorming
  2. 1-3 royalty-free images
  3. approval of topic idea with client
  4. 30+ minutes of research on your topic
  5. A first draft and up to one revision
  6. One round of corrections

(Be sure to help launch your posts with social media announcements and social button links to your new articles!) Need help with social media? We can help! Pricing:

  • Blog Post: $150/per
  • Social Media Launch Help (3 hours prorated): $150 per post (using your own already-established profiles)
  • Social Media Set Up: $350 for 5 optimized profiles, including 2 Pages (normally LinkedIn and Facebook)
  • Social Media Optimization for your website (Social button set up and 5 profiles with 2 Pages): $600
  • See our other campaign mgmt pages…

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