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You need leads to generate sales, right? Typically, trust needs to be built before a prospect is willing to take a chance on your product or service. That means that you need to introduce yourself to the prospect and allow them to build a relationship with you and your brand in a very human sort of way. This is brand recognition in marketing language. Content marketing can help put that in motion without breaking the bank on aimless ad spend that doesn’t acknowledge the brand recognition factor.

Have an AdWords account? Great! Advertising can later be plugged into your highly-performing BlogHero’s blog posts via remarketing display ads to better maximize the value of the already working conversion funnel that begins with your post.

If you’ve reached this page, it probably means that you already understand or are ready to understand the importance of weekly blogging for most businesses who have something to sell. You may even be worried that this means going back to the drawing board to try something completely new. The good news is that blogging can be added on to other channels that are already showing signs of life, like email and SEO, for instance.

There’s no deep risk to try blogging!

Subscribe for a (discounted) 3-mo. BlogHero Service trial to see how blogging can grow your business! Normally $75/ea. crafted, optimized, approved & launched post  (@4 per mo., @3 mo.) …YOUR 3-mo. Trial: Just $41.67/post!

After the trial period, your price will automatically resume normal pricing of $75 per crafted, .  Cancel anytime before trial ends (just not during the trial). If you decide you trust another service to do the same level of posting after your 3-mo. trial, no problem! If not, we’ll welcome you to our fan base and strive to help you to build your growing business! NOTE: Your brand should have a small (5-15) but loyal group of brand followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, before you begin this service for best post-launch results.)

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